My journey of confidence during online University

Confidence is something that I have struggled with throughout most of my life and certainly most of my academic life so far. I have always found that no matter how hard I work or how prepared I am, I still lack confidence. This year I have come to understand that my lack of confidence will only ever be holding me back and for me to be able to reach my potential I needed to break down the restrictions I had placed on myself. These restrictions were to do with my university work and social life and were shown in the form of withdrawal from situations where others were present.


My restrictions were backed by anxiety and a general feeling of dread, which made them even harder to overcome. Finding methods to reduce my anxiety has been a focal aspect of me increasing my confidence and some of the ways I did this was pushing myself out of my comfort zone, for example by doing the presentation for the career management module. Even though this was not in front of people I still had the same anxieties and fear when recording my presentation. After submitting and receiving feedback on my presentation I found that even though I had been very anxious about putting myself in a situation that I felt uncomfortable in I felt my confidence increase as I knew that I had been able to complete the assignment. This is one example of how I have pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and realized that it isn’t all that bad.

Time management

Besides pushing myself outside of my comfort zone I have also found that a great way to increase my confidence is by spending more time on my work which I feel less confident about. Prior to this year, I found that when I felt low in confidence about a task I would put it off until I couldn’t put it off anymore. This led to me, during college and the beginning of university, leaving work which I was afraid that I would not succeed in until right before the deadline, leading to my work not being to the best standard. This year I have been striving to ensure that not only am I punctual when starting my work but I also allow myself enough time so that even if I do not understand something or get preoccupied with anxiety I will still have plenty of time to complete whatever I have to do.

I have found that pushing myself outside of my comfort zone along with ensuring that I am organized and motivated to do work, even when I perceive it to be something I am not good at, has helped me build my confidence. In turn, this has led to me being able to step further outside my comfort zone as I know success is possible as long as I have confidence.